Advantages and Disadvantages of Learning Italian Language by Albanian Immigrants in Italy


  • Edlira Troplini


Primarily we intend to see that through the data gathered in ground in three generations: the old one, the medium age and the young one, to examine the advantages of learning the Italian language by Albanian emigrants, considering all the internal factors of language and not overlook the external psychological and socio-cultural factors that are crucial in the life of a dialect. The latter are inevitable in bilingual multicultural communities where learning a second language L2 (and in our case Italian) as the need arises to integrate into host communities. On the other hand we cannot overlook also the disadvantages that such a process brings as opposed to the language of origin (L1), where the latter passes disadvantaged. Given such a thing, also think to deal with this issue, because although day by day there are some efforts that foreign cultures are seen as cultural wealth of the host communities, the loss of language, culture and national traditions of origin, for groups or individuals, are another problem that can’t be overlooked as they themselves cause a large loss for their nation. Another important problem is also the consequence of such a social occurrence. We will examine one of them: the properly recognizing the standard rate in both languages: L1 (which passes in limbo) and L2 (which cannot be properly endorsement). So we are going to examine three generations and to see which of them can be good possessor of literary standard of both languages. Of course, such a thing will be made taking in consideration all sociolinguistic variables (age, gender, education, status, role, profession, economical strata etc.) Through this study we will try to see both languages simultaneously drawing a parallel line between the mentalities of the respective communities and to see how they find their reflection in language.

DOI: 10.5901/ajis.2015.v4n3s1p126


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