Fashion Conscious Consumers, Fast Fashion and the Impact of Social Media on Purchase Intention


  • Elram Michaela
  • Steiner Lavie orna


The fashion conscious segment is an influential force within the fashion industry, which has been facilitated by the growth of the new media. However, very little research has looked at the behaviour of fashion consciousness consumers, and the impact of the social media with regard to the adoption of fashion trends and purchase intention. The study investigates the correlation between positive negative conversation in social media channels, fashion conscious consumers and increase of decrease of purchase intention. Data was gathered from a self-administered questionnaire online which was sent to women and men ages 21-65, using Google Drive. A questionnaire of 276 respondents has been encoded and the scales have been adjusted. Validated tests were performed using Step Wise linear Regression. The hypotheses that fashion conscious consumers are more influenced by social media buyers’ reviews and discouraged by a negative opinion was confirmed. The study, contributes to a further theoretical understanding of the fashion conscious segment, impact of social media social media, and shopping behavior. The fast fashion segment which adopted late the social media will have to adapt to the increase impact of social media amongst different types of segments

DOI: 10.5901/ajis.2015.v4n3s1p173


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