Digital Device Fenometer F-1680 for Noise Measurement at Kosovo Mines


  • Naim Baftiu
  • Artan Dermaku


A long time ago, digitization has proven that it will help mankind. Rapid development and quality of digital equipment has helped to define actions and our daily chores and to improve them in the workplace including noise and vibrations. Kosovo is rich with coal electrical energy and fuel produces coal, for total extraction of coal per year, which projected 9.5 x 106 t / year of coal, this amount meets the needs of PP "Kosova A " and points "Kosova B " which later is put into operation in 1983 with a capacity of 2x339 MW. Existing coal reserves are sufficient for the needs of Kosovo. Two power plants Kosovo A and Kosovo B and the supply of coal created a big bang for the community living near the two power plants. By 2016, the total thickness of the earth will increase, which should reactivate the devices to remove excess heights. During this period of the earth measures cornice in the empty spaces in both White and Mirash mines. In this period they will relocate villagers and Shipitulle East Mirena. Within the period 2018-2022, the thickness of the earth will rise throughout the front so it will create a big noise and this noise should be measured and fingerlings that noise exceeding permissible standard settings, then around mine sites. They must leave eventually. The purposes of the scientific paper are the measurement of noise of the digital appliances that are hauled F- 1680 and analyze the extracted coal mine, where the mining of large appliances are hauled key. The method of measurement is made with digital device called FONOMETR device type 1680, Japanese production which serves for the measurement of noise and vibrations. Results and analysis are made noise throughout the mine location with 162 measurement points which are presented by diagrams and tables.

DOI: 10.5901/ajis.2015.v4n3s1p299


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