The Application and the Influence on Kosovo Tourism Progress


  • Arjanit Avdiu


As on all other economic activities and also on tourist the necessity of marketing usage is considered as an inevitable form of promotion or informing for the existence of business. With all advantages that a tourism may have as an activity conform other activities or other economic fields such as production, distribution or trade, the concentration for application of marketing is gradually creating a culture that enables beside the achieving of target of informing others for the existence as business in this field as well as using the accelerant in order to generate as much revenues by promoting tourist attractions that a zone, region or the whole country possess, with the aim of absorbing a huge number of tourists by the mean of using attractive marketing, easily accessible targeting the existing client trade and those potential in the tourist field. Tourism promotion or marketing in any case help on adding wishes and curiosities to visit promoted or advertised place, it is important to be found all forms and channels that will send the message to proper persons –expressing better to the trade target since the goal of marketing is that every spent cent during the promotion to be returned multiply by adding the financial circulation created by the promotion or advertising effect.

DOI: 10.5901/ajis.2015.v4n3s1p348


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