The Function of Parents Council and the Represantation of Parents Interests by this Council


  • Nazyktere Hasani


This paper discusses the function of the parents council in high schools and the representation of the interests of parents by this council based on prejudices of students parents and members of the Council. The research question of this study was: "How functional is the parent council in high schools of the town of Gjilan?" For this research survey techniques are used, which were realized in the form of the questionnaire, a questionnaire for parents council members and a questionnaire for parents of the classes . Analysis of data obtained from this research indicates that parents' councils do not function at all that, they only exist formally. Parents thought that their interests are not represented enough by their representatives, and that no representative of them in the parents council has not ever contacted them to discuss the role, duties of the council, and get thoughts, suggestions or proposals on important issues dealing with work and school life of their children. Even members of the school council of parents emphasize that parents council in the school does not function properly because only once per year they have had meeting at the beginning of the school year, where the selection of their representatives for the school council is made. However, they say that all issues of particular interest to parents and students are treated by these representatives.

DOI: 10.5901/ajis.2015.v4n3s1p640


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