Legal Treatment of Items


  • Adrian Leka


Items in Albanian civil legislation and in romanistic family optics of law is in itself a historical overview of the basic legal Albanian current legislation.The topic itself aims to identify the current Albanian legislation, with the object of his study the legal position toward items, to highlight its evolution within the same kind and in that compared with the standards of modern European legislations of the same family, so romanistic family.We have chosen the legal position of the test items as laboratory test tubes of Albanian and foreign legislation, focusing mainly on several types of areas as: a) in the classification of items an:b) n their legal regime. As stated cursory above, is seen lying in two plans, that of evolution within the same kind that has consisted in a survey of the legal position of items in the legislation Albanian yearsand in standardization plan of actual legislation taking as comparative benchmark the Italian civil law. With the purpose of gathering information is used the cognitive research method of collating and analyzing.Ideas about the design or formulation of a definition on the item have been different at different times in different jurisdictions.These different perceptions are also displayed in the Albanian legislation by political influence.These jurisdictions opted from the influence of preferential family of law at different times have brought a diversified treatment of this concept going from romanistic family of law in that of the socialist law family to return eventually to a Roman - German conception of object.Items are subject of the real law.Item is the part of material nature, which meets two conditions:The first condition is the physical one, which means that this section shall be subject to the power of people and the second is the social condition, which means that this part of the nature at the same time should be the commodity,means that can be exchanged andeconomicly circulated. The meaning of the item and the goods is not identical.Marx emphasized that human work is a good, but according to the bourgeois law it is not also the item.In civil law, item is only the good.

DOI: 10.5901/ajis.2016.v5n3p173


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