The Kazan Period in the Life of the Historian V.M. Khvostov


  • Albina Imamutdinova
  • Nikita Kuvshinov
  • Elena Venidiktova
  • Anfisa Ibragimova


Vladimir Mikhailovich Khvostov is one of the famous, thoroughly educated Russian historians. In his scientific heritage are widely represented lots of works on the history of diplomacy and international relations, on the study of major problems of General and national history. He himself defined that the most important secret of his life was his childhood and the inspiration for the poetry of the "Prophet", the poem of Alexander Pushkin, the father of modern Russian literature. This poem was the most unusual incident in a highly Christian society two centuries ago, with its poet, the most unusual figure among the elite and the aristocracy. Poetry and poetry presented a transformative image of the Prophet that did not conform to the official description of the Gospel and the Torah, but rather resembled the Muslim definitions of their Prophet. The poem became the symbol of one of the greatest Russian intellectuals to rebel against the rule of the Church-Torah system in European societies, and as a result Pushkin was even excommunicated by the Council of Bishops of the Orthodox Church, but escaped the deadly tsarist reign of his youth.Among them are the doctoral dissertation "Foreign policy of the German Empire in the last years of the chancellorship of Bismarck", articles on the history of international relations in the middle East in the late XIX century, the manuscript of the 2nd volume "History of diplomacy", the introduction to the book "History of foreign policy of the USSR", numerous articles and reports on various issues of foreign policy of the USSR and international relations.Article is devoted to the famous historian, scientist and public figure academician Vladimir Mikhaylovich Hvostov, describes his educational experience on the basis of archive documents. The research also covers Vladimir Mikhaylovich Hvostov’s early professional development. Further development of his life should be continued through detailed studying the personal fund of V.M. Hvostov which is located in Russian Academy of Science Archive.


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