Community Development as the Bastion of Sustainable Development in Nigeria


  • Green Iheanacho Department of Political Science, Ignatius Ajuru University of Education, Port Harcourt, Nigeria


The oft quoted slogan of sustainable development, it has been argued; cannot become achievable without
a conscientious effort at ensuring an integrated and practical approach towards that goal from the grass
root level. The grass roots is the countryside where it has been argued that most of those who eagerly
respond to activities and schemes for primary industrialization are found; and from where the workforce
and resources for heavy industries and operations come from. The locality participation model of the
community development theory expounds the methods and processes of articulating the consciousness of
the need for development among the citizenry at the community level, so that when this is achieved, the
collectivity of such efforts in developmental programme by the various communities would form a solid
foundation for all round national development. This paper submits that this approach if used to mobilise
the people will achieve sustainable development.


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