Image Technologies in the Development of Female Management Style Features


  • Anar Valieva
  • Diana Ismailova


The purpose of this article is to reveal attractive invariants in female management style. The authors explored the trends and strategies of female management based on two primary methods: а) the method of lenient interview, used for specifics of female management detection and evaluation of a woman-in-chief themselves; b) questionnaires of team management and the staff office of the companies about the layer of gratification with the management and features of female mind. The relevance of the problems researched by the authors in the work lies in the aspects of psychological, social, philosophical, pedagogical sciences and imageology. Each of these sciences refers to the process of derivation, development and functioning the influence of image of a female-manager. The representatives of these scientific try to explain a human behavior, a person formation and his structures, research the mechanisms of human perception by a human being. The problem of derivation, evaluation and essence of image in kazakhstanian psychology has appeared only in the last decades. First of all it caused by the changes in the political and social situations in the society. As a result the research object has to be the image itself, and the image of state and political personalities, businessmen, art and culture employees.

DOI: 10.5901/jesr.2015.v5n3p145


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