Kadare's Work , an Emancipating Factor in the Albanian Literature


  • Ermelinda Kashah University ''Eqrem Cabej'', The faculty of education and social science Departament of leterature, Gjirokastër, Albania


In the Albanian literature, Kadare with his genius encompassed the Albanian thinking and culture. Based on real events to which he gave universal proportions, he has added new characters in the family of great archetypes of world literature, that of Judas Iscariot, Agamemnon, Marcus Brutus, Joseph K, etc,. In the case of Kadare the Albanian word found a great master or a virtuous wizard of its artistic elaboration, as a foreign critic has said about him. Seen in its entirety, his work shows us an impressive array of characters, like a universe which shocks us infinitely with the grotesque and the human tragedy, epic rumbles and fine lyricism. His work is a challenge to isolation, which is a standard of traditional proportions. His work served a model where, except other things at that time, was also a moral act. Kadare's work is great character-wise but also because of its values, is a wok which has become an inseparable part of the entire Albanian nation and has even become part of the cultural fund of mankind.

DOI: 10.5901/jesr.2013.v3n7p585


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