Grammatical Influences (Morphological) of Albanian Language in the Languages of Minorities in the Region of Prizren


  • Senad Neziri


The purpose of this paper is to prove the presence of calques (loan translation) of Albanian language in the languages of minorities (Gorani community, Bosnian community) in the region of Prizren. We will make an effort to provide evidence for the role of Albanian as a donor language through daily contacts with the members of the above-mentioned communities. The corpus of this study will be the edited volume of songs and folk tales from minority areas, respectively from the population of Gorani and Bosnian ethnicity and their dialects. The research will be focused in minority areas in the municipality of Dragash (Sharr) where Gorani people live, as well as in other areas of minority language speakers, mainly in Zhupa, in the municipality of Prizren. The paper will be important in enlightening the facts of using the structure of Albanian, both in the spoken language of the minority community and that of Albanian community. The cases where certain elements of Albanian language are encountered in another language, where Albanian appears as a donor language, will be considered as important. The reason which has pushed us to conduct the research regarding the presence of Albanian elements, basically morphological, in a non-Albanian speaking community in Kosovar society, respectively in the multi-ethnic society of Prizren, is the way of speaking of this minority community and the confirmation of the impact of Albanian language and ethno-culture on this minority language since ancient times to the present.


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