Media Literacy: The Albanian perspective


  • Florenc Vavla Aleksander Xhuvani University, Faculty of Human Sciences, Department of Journalism
  • Laureta Vavla Aleksander Xhuvani University, Faculty of Human Sciences Department of English and German Languages


This paper aims at giving a correct portray of media in Albania with a focus on media literacy and its importance in the Albanian society. In these last decades information has been spread at a higher speed and intensity and as such they are having an enormous impact on humanity. They have become so important that it is rarely that one can live without them. Through using them, people get to know the world around them; they understand the world and try to change it. The whole issue is how to do all this? Sorting out these messages is perhaps one of the most difficult tasks humanity is facing today. Therefore, the necessity for the application and development of media literacy is of ultimate importance and concern. Seen from this point of view, this study constitutes a modest contribution that should serve as an incentive for the youth, parents, educators, teachers and university lecturers to refocus their attention on the role they have to play in media comprehension and understanding.

DOI: 10.5901/jesr.2013.v3n7p737


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