Administrative Innovations as Necessary Condition of Competitiveness in Schools


  • Khanif Sharifzуanovich Mullakhmetov
  • Rosalia Mullamehametovna Aminova
  • Ilnara Ilshatovna Filimonchuk


In the present-day education environment, requiring managerial flexibility in assessing ongoing changes, innovation becomes a prerequisite for effective management, and professional and psychological readiness of managers to apply management innovation – an indicator of managerial potential. Management innovation is today the “bottleneck” of educational management theory and practice. There are no theoretical models that are directly related to managerial innovation; technological innovations take priority in the practice of educational management; incorrect interpretation of innovations blunts their effectiveness. The school's competitive advantage today is not determined primarily by capital accumulation, but by the ability of management to initiate, appreciate and use changes, to learn faster than the rest from the experience of the changes. New theories of growth emphasize that it is the development of innovations that is an engine of sustainable educational growth. These circumstances determine management innovations as the domain that is the most in-demand for the development of education under the conditions of today.


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Administrative Innovations as Necessary Condition of Competitiveness in Schools. (2019). Journal of Educational and Social Research, 9(4), 21.