Academic Impact of Global Ranking of Higher Education Institutions in Kosovo


  • Armand Krasniqi


Globalization in higher education has highlighted the obligation to provide information on the level of academic quality provided by higher education institutions. This has resulted in the design of university ranking systems, respectively in creating of global and regional ranking tables. This information can and should be a contribution to the advancement of quality education in the country. Kosovar institutions that are competent in this field should show the courage to, in addition to providing information from international rankings, establish a credible national system for providing data, respectively the ranking list of higher education institutions in the country. This may help to identify important issues and information that will serve to create sustainable academic policies. This paper is exclusively based on empirical data provided by a questionnaire. As such it analyzes whether the ranking of higher education institutions in our country are needed and what will be the impact of academic quality measurements. These data enable the country's institutions to measure the public interest in the rate and dynamics of higher education development in the country, identifying the direction of university development. In these circumstances there should be no doubt about the obligation to provide this data, and only on the basis of it, the harmonization of public policies and legislation on quality in education and its role in the market.


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Academic Impact of Global Ranking of Higher Education Institutions in Kosovo. (2019). Journal of Educational and Social Research, 9(4), 210.