Teachers’ Views on the Priorities of Effective School Management


  • S. Anastasiou Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ioannina, Greece
  • V. Garametsi Hellenic Open University, Greece




The aim of the present study was to investigate teachers’ views on the priorities of effective school management. The possible variability of teachers’ views in relation to age and work experience was also investigated. For this purpose, research was carried out in Secondary Public and Private Education schools of Ioannina, the capital city and the largest in the Epirus Prefecture, North-West part of Greece. Over 300 questionnaires were distributed to 32 Secondary Education Schools and 165 completed questionnaires were collected (return rate 54.99%). Teachers were asked to indicate their views on the priorities which should be set for effective School Management. Teachers pointed as most important priorities team work and collaboration with the Principal and their pupils (56%) whereas as least selected priority (24.4%) they pointed their participation in helping pupils to get a job. Compared to Public Schools, teachers working in Private Schools gave increased priority in: pupils' performance, raising teachers’ aspirations for their pupils, teachers’ job satisfaction, team work, collaboration with the Principal, parental involvement-collaboration between teachers and parents and school environment. The results indicate a significant variability on teachers’ age and work experience regarding their priorities for effective school management. This variability highlights the importance of focusing on teachers’ attitudes for a successful implementation of effective human resources and school management.


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Teachers’ Views on the Priorities of Effective School Management. (2020). Journal of Educational and Social Research, 10(1), 1. https://doi.org/10.36941/jesr-2020-0001