Role of Technical Scientific Research Education in Sustainable Development and Conservation in Sudan


  • Abdeen Mustafa Omer Energy Research Institute (ERI), Forest Road West, Nottingham NG7 4EU, United Kingdom


In this paper, the review is vital for the development of scientific and technological research also highlights the efforts
made sporadic in this area. And try to put some solutions and recommendations that help the advancement of scientific research
to resolve issues in the Sudanese society as the quantity and quality. Despite the obstacles, the movement of scientific research
did not stop completely, because a number of researchers still believe in the inevitability of continued scientific research to
benefit the maximum of what is available (and the efforts of individual) to attain the objectives of development, prosperity and
keep pace with scientific development. The reality, which must be viewed seriously and considering it is that scientific research
has become a pedestal only to build a modern state in today's world, and became the backbone for all plans developed nations
and even developing countries. And enter the world in the era of World Trade Organisation (WTO) and intellectual property
Guanyin and the demands of globalisation for the next century that followed, we will find ourselves irrelevant desert plant that the
blood on our present situation did not change ourselves. It must employ scientific research to address the backlog of cases over
the years such as the issue of poverty and human capacity development and exploitation of natural resources of the country and
the fight against desertification and settling of scientific technologies for the stability of the pastoral communities, and others. The
ramifications in the fields of science and technological abounded to the point where it became impossible to take in all its
aspects and its subsidiaries and became to be the selection of research needed by the various communities and the selection of
educational curricula have efficacious in both the vertical (specialised) or horizontal (destruction). These thoughts came together
and a hint of shame and sometimes pour sometimes without reference to party or institution. It is about frameworks general
extrapolated to infer and devise solutions and treatments. I hope those who care about the subject of research and funding in the
current international situation, which stripped the developing nations of the features that I found of Southeast Asia and other
developing her country's tradition of innovations and products to developed countries.


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