Effective Teaching with Information Technologies: Towards an Interactive Pedagogy


  • Zakia Djebbari Assistant Professor Abu Bekr Belkaid University – Tlemcen –Algeria Faculty of Letters and Foreign Languages Department of Foreign Languages, Section of English


With the current increasing awareness of the theory associated with learning afforded with new Information and
Communications Technologies (ICTs) there seem to exist a call for a change in the way teachers teach and learners learn. Based on
the conception that interactivity is a means to a greater end – participant learning which may lead participants to a point of reflection on
content, the present paper considers an important issue related to the validity and reliability of information technologies, based on
interactive pedagogy accessed for use in classrooms, i.e., an interactive approach may be adopted in classrooms to promote
collaborative process, learners’ autonomy and thus, learners’ centeredness which may in all probabilities manage the learner’s attention
and create motivation in the classroom.


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