Online Videos for Specific Purposes


  • Reima Al-Jarf King Saud University, Saudi Arabia


Many EFL/ESL college students, enrolled in colleges and universities that use English as a medium of instruction have
difficulty understanding lectures in specialized courses delivered in English such as engineering, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, biology,
biochemistry, anatomy, physiology and others. To help students improve their listening comprehension skills, develop their repertoire of
specialized technical terms and fill the gaps in their background knowledge, class lectures can be supplemented by specialized online
videos. This paper aims to show the advantages of integrating specialized online videos, give samples of websites where specialized
online videos can be downloaded, describe the criteria for selecting specialized online videos, outline the skills that can be developed
through supplementary specialized online videos, and present a scheme for phases of teaching and learning with specialized online
videos. It concludes with some recommendations for creating a specialized online video repository.


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