The Social Impact on Children with Incarcerated Parents


  • Juliana Ajdini University of Tirana, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Social Policy and Social Work


This study sought to define the socialization needs of children, whose parents are incarcerated. A review and critique of
related literature indicated that there are unintended consequences on children due to the incarceration of their parents. These
consequences include a low self-concept, impaired school achievement, poor peer relationships, changes in behavior, and isolation.
Information was collected through reviewing and critiquing current literature regarding the effects of having parents in jail/ prison on their
family, especially their children. The information and data gathered, through this research, is intended to help social workers and others
professionals to provide meaningful services to children and their families with information that can be used in designing and modifying
future guidance and counseling programs. Strengths and weaknesses of this research are given, as well as recommendations for future
research. The research has shown that the family suffers economically, socially, and emotionally. There may be some stigma attached
to the family or feelings of anger, guilt and depression. Future recommendations on this topic would be to look at the family situation prior
to the parent being incarcerated.


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