Protective Measures Against Domestic Violence and their Implementation


  • Enkeleida Petanaj Lecturer,“Department of Justice” University of Vlora , Albania


Law on measures against violence in family relations is already about 4-years, which came into force in Albania. As a civil
society initiative this law had the support of many social groups. The law came as a need of time in which domestic violence is a
widespread phenomenon. Those who are most affected by this phenomenon are women and girls of all ages, regardless of socioeconomic
status or position in society.This is not just a phenomenon of the Albanian society, but is present in all societies, whether
emancipated or not. Changing from one place to another has to do with the state's efforts to eliminate it. Violence against women
constitutes a violation of the rights and freedoms of women and hinders basic or deny the enjoyment of those rights. ( Preamble to the
Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women, adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations.) Despite the entry
into force of the law on protection measures in family relations, became a step forward to prevent violence in family relationships, not
lacking in daily news media with painful consequences for victims of domestic violence. This paper will address the safeguards provided
for in national law, their enforcement by state authorities, as well as cases of jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights and
the Albanian courts, highlighting the applicability and efficacy of this law .


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