From Adult Education to Continuous Training: The Origins of Transformation


  • Edi Puka University “Aleksandër Moisiu” of Durrës


Permanent education is not a chronological point of arrival in a process, as it may seem at first sight, but a permanent and
original instance which draws its own reason of being, from the social needs and privacy of each individual, from the more and more
sophisticated and new technics of the productive system and from the existential discomfort of man in the contemporary society at the
same time.Exactly at the moment when Adult Education assumes the character of a utilitarian and instrumental intervention prompted by
the need for technological upgrading of the manufacturing world and serious signs of crisis in all areas of employment, it must also
preserve another function, that of the activities which respond to the most intimate needs, of a more intense freedom and spirituality of
the person. The initial education dispensed in schools and universities or in the form of professional training through which people
considered adults by the society to which they belong, develop their abilities, enrich their knowledge, improve their technical or
professional qualifications and evolve their attitudes or their behavior,in the dual perspective of an integral human growth and a
participation in a socio-economical and cultural development which is balanced and independent.


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