Difficulties Facing the Integration of Students with Disabilities from the Viewpoint of Workers in Integrated Schools in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


  • Nabil S. Almalki Associate Professor, Special Education, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia




Inclusion, Disabilities, Integrated schools, Riyadh, Difficulties


The study aimed to identify the nature of the difficulties facing the inclusion of students with disabilities from the viewpoint of workers in integrated schools in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and identify the differences in those difficulties that are due to the variables (job title, gender, scientific qualification, specialization, years of teaching experience). It also aimed to identify the most challenging categories of disability to integrate into regular classes and identify the proposals of workers in integration schools to overcome the difficulties facing inclusion. The study population consisted of all workers in the integration schools that contain grades (1-10) and contain an educational counselor and students with disabilities, where a representative sample of (179) workers in these schools was selected. The researcher used a questionnaire to classify the difficulties within four dimensions: resources learning (equipment, means and methods, and curriculum). Next is evaluation and its contents of classroom evaluation strategies and activities, then qualification of educators, and finally awareness and trends; the tool contains (39) items. The study results showed no formal evaluation strategies in place for students with disabilities, and there is awareness and positive attitudes towards integrating students with disabilities, in addition to the presence of a resource room and a special education teacher to help support students with disabilities. Furthermore, there is a lack of educational evaluation tools for the disabled category, which the Ministry circulates in the field when evaluating them and setting achievement tests. Results also showed that teachers do not consider individual differences between students; besides insufficient training received by teachers to deal with students with disabilities, the inclusion of students with disabilities helps to form healthy social relationships with others.The researcher recommended some recommendations such as determining the criteria for inclusion of students with disabilities in integrated schools, increasing the number of resource rooms, conducting studies similar to this study to examine the difficulties facing the integration of the disabled in the integration schools from the point of view of the parents, the disabled, and the relevant institutions.


Received: 2 September 2021 / Accepted: 10 November 2021 / Published: 3 January 2022


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Almalki, N. S. (2022). Difficulties Facing the Integration of Students with Disabilities from the Viewpoint of Workers in Integrated Schools in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Journal of Educational and Social Research, 12(1), 297. https://doi.org/10.36941/jesr-2022-0024