Linguistics and Women’s Speech


  • MeliShopi


This article, which has as object of analysis the women speech, will be an addition to those articles and to that authentic scientific literature, in the sociolinguistics field and respectively the ethnolinguistic one. Some of the questions that are asked today regarding this object are precisely related to the fact of how women are treated today based on their language, which are their language corpus, the possibility that they have to use it in specific fields and in different linguistic situations discourse, reacting with their support, their protests and their appreciation. Also, this article, will present that way of speaking, that today researchers have defined as “the rhetoric expression” and “subversive speech strategies”. Through the linguistic behavior and the women attitude according to their position and social status, will emerge the importance of the gender belonging of the speaker in certain situations and environments.

DOI: 10.5901/jesr.2015.v5n1s1p127


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