Teachers’ Experience and Perceptions on Conflicts at Schools: Their Solution and Addressing


  • IridaAgolli (Nasufi)
  • ArturRada


School is a social institution that is charged with two main responsibilities by society: to educate and to protect the children and their development. Providing a safe and complete education for all the students is a difficult challenge, since the conflicts at school facilities are increasing. Many of them derive from the misunderstanding of others’ aims, feelings, needs or actions. Students must be taught to respect and appreciate the distinctions between people, understand prejudice, causes and ways of the action and its form. This study aimed to analyze teachers’ perception on conflicts that appear in school facilities, their causes, consequences and how they practically deal with conflictive cases at schools; and identifying some interventional forms for the resolution of these conflicts. The study shows that conflicts are a disturbing problem at school and sometimes teachers claim that it is difficult for them to deal with conflicts. Teachers report some of the main causes of conflicts, such as social websites, different interests and viewpoints, individual differences among them (family background), lack of communication and the way of communication, linguistic and cultural differences, disciplinary offences, lack of parental supervision, lack of education related to tolerance, lack of strict discipline and lack of disciplinary measures. School should be focused more on youth education to prevent conflicts.

DOI: 10.5901/jesr.2015.v5n2p69


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