Global Leadership Competencies


  • Maryam Hassanzadeh
  • Abu Daud Silong
  • Azizan Asmuni
  • Nor Wahiza Abd Wahat


This paper explores the conceptualization of global leadership and identification of global leadership competencies. It attempts to answer what are the competencies for global leadership? Researchers indicated that global leaders require a unique set of global leadership competencies to effectively fulfil their roles. They further identified seven competencies for global leaders that include: (1) culture awareness and sensitivity, (2) global mindset or perspectives, (3) learning from experiences, (4) developing and maintaining relationships, (5) communication, (6) traits or attitudes, and (7) knowledge and skills. They also have discussed on the importance to describe and identify global leadership competencies. Many organizations do not even have a set of global leadership competencies. Most have only competencies related to domestic leaders. But with rapid globalization, there is recognition for the need of more global leaders. This research examined global leadership competencies. The study employed the qualitative methodology through the in-depth interviews. The interviews were conducted with past and present top leaders of a local research university. The data from the interviews were then transcribed verbatim, coded, analysed, interpreted and discussed accordingly. The findings in this research related to global leadership competencies includes attributes, skills and knowledge. Based on the findings recommendations will be made for improving global leadership competencies.

DOI: 10.5901/jesr.2015.v5n2p137


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