The Motivation of Adolescents


  • Denis Çelçima


The aim of this article is to reveal the motivation of adolescents in learning is an important issue of nowadays academic settings. This is because adolescence is a time of changing, not only physically, but above all, mentally and psychologically, to get ready for a further stage in life. To know how they are motivated, we should try to understand their goals and their way of pursuing them. Among the most famous psychologist of education who have strongly conducted research about motivation are Ames (1992) and Archer (Ames & Archer, 1988). Their investigation on motivation is land upon the achievement and social goals. The recent study examines the goals pursued by 160 adolescents from the high schools of Durrës city and investigates the importance of motivation and achievement goals in learning and the desire to achieve.

DOI: 10.5901/jesr.2015.v5n3p187


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