Implementation of Team Teaching in Selected Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria


  • Rita Chigozie Osuala
  • Bede Blaise Chukwunyere Onwuagboke
  • Chinwe Bridget Chukwudebelu


The study was a descriptive survey that sought to evaluate the implementation of team teaching in federal tertiary institutions in a state in Nigeria. A sample of 1,110 lecturers was selected from the population using stratified random sampling technique. Four research questions guided the study. A set of researchers designed questionnaire in form of 4-point Likert scale, was used for data collection. The validity as well as the reliability was ensured by using experts in Curriculum and Instruction from a university and trial testing. The data obtained yielded a reliability index of 0.85 using Cronbach Alpha statistics. The research questions were answered employing descriptive and inferential statistics. The findings revealed that lecturers in federal tertiary institutions practice team teaching in their lecture delivery to a low level; on the other hand, they implement team-teaching principles in evaluation of students’ performance. Several reasons were found to be responsible for low implementation of team teaching in instructional delivery with no significant difference in mean implementation among lecturers according to gender. It was recommended, among others, that some lecturers, especially the junior ones, should remove complex among them and build up the psyche that they are equal to the task even in the midst of others.

DOI: 10.5901/jesr.2015.v5n3p221


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Osuala, R. C., Onwuagboke, B. B. C., & Chukwudebelu, C. B. (2015). Implementation of Team Teaching in Selected Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria. Journal of Educational and Social Research, 5(3), 221. Retrieved from