Parental Liability for Damages Resulting from a Child’s Acts


  • Anita Bardhi


This paper will treat one type of liability that results from the non-contractual damage, and concretely liability resulting from damage caused by children. There will be analyzed the person who shall be charged with liability in case a third party is subject to damage by children (minors) and how the parental responsibility is related with this kind damage. The paper will focus on the conditions or the criteria under which a person shall be liable for the actions caused by another person. We live in a society where development is much advanced and this means that definitions given in the countries’ legislations should be reviewed from time to time and should be in compliance with the latest social and contemporary developments. This paper will analyze the parental liability regarding damages caused by their children who are until the age of eighteen years old, as provided for in law, and how are parents found liable for the illegal actions committed by their children. This paper will not focus on how the issue of parental liability finds treatment in a particular legislation, but the legislation of some countries will be taken into consideration, as well as treatment of this issue, analysis on facts and circumstances under which liability falls to the parents and not to the person who has caused the damage Innovation of legislation related to this topic.

DOI: 10.5901/jesr.2015.v5n3p295


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