Repositioning Literacy Education Programme for Entrepreneurial Development in Rivers State, Nigeria


  • Christian N. Olori
  • Gloria I. Olori


The continuous rise in the number of unemployed teeming youth searching for white collar jobs in Rivers State necessitated this study by the researchers on the need to reposition literacy education programme for entrepreneurial development. This study therefore attempts to investigate how literacy education programme can be repositioned for entrepreneurial development in Rivers State. It adopted a descriptive survey research design with a population of 1,231 respondents made up of facilitators and learners in 18 centres from three selected local government areas of the state. Out of the population, 302 respondents were purposively drawn to respond to the Questionnaire on Repositioning Literacy Education Programme and Entrepreneurial Development. The reliability coefficient of .83 was obtained after a trial test using the Cronbach Alpha. Data were analysed descriptively as well as inferentially. Findings revealed that the teaching of entrepreneurial skills in literacy education programme in Rivers State was poor. Findings further indicated that literacy education programme has significantly contributed in teaching-learning of entrepreneurial skills in Rivers State. Significant difference was not found between the responses of facilitators and learners on the extent entrepreneurial skills were taught in the programme. There was significant difference found between the relevance of the programme and the teaching and learning of entrepreneurial skills. Based on the findings, some recommendations were made among them were that organisers of literacy education programme should ensure entrepreneurial skills enshrined in literacy curriculum be taught and government should ensure compliance through adequate monitoring and supervision of content of literacy education programme delivery.

DOI: 10.5901/jesr.2016.v6n2p177


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