The Hidden Abandonment


  • Irena Alimerko


A disturbing phenomenon that is happening nowadays in school is the hidden abandonment. There are a few children who leave schools, compared with children who attend the schools, but they are not in the care of their teachers in the classroom during the lessons. This phenomenon is displayed in the form of an apparent indifference from the pupils during the class as they come in the school unprepared. A part of them often disturb their coevals. The reasons of these acts are various. However, it is not important to point out only the reasons but, more than that, to know how to avoid this phenomenon. I say so, because the abandonment often is justified from the teachers as a phenomenon that occurs with the pupils that have come from the rural areas and have evident deficits in learning. The teacher must be careful in setting objectives on what knowledge should gain the pupils in the end of the class hour considering all the levels of them, as the best ones as those who have a lower average. The setting of minimal objectives takes an important role, so as the selection of methods, techniques and activities for the realization of these objectives, the premeditation of questions for these pupils and the specific tasks they have to make at home. Often it is noticed that these pupils come unprepared and the main reason is the lack of knowledge. Another important role in this process is the motivation of these pupils. Such motivations consist in: to draw the favorite personage, to memorize the poetry, etc. The most important thing is that the questions have to be such that require short answers and not annoying ones.

DOI: 10.5901/jesr.2015.v5n1p35


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