Health Care Insurance System in the Republic of Albania and Development Perspective


  • Fjoralba Memia


Health is a critical component of sustainable human development. It is an important part of people’s physical, mental and social well being, and at the same time it has a long-term impact on social and economic development. In the framework of the government's strategy regarding the improvement and strengthening of health services is establish a mandatory health care insurance scheme in Albania. The right to health care is a fundamental right of a social – economic character and aims respect of human rights, equality and social justice. Albanian model of health insurance has realized this right preferring to keep in harmony legislation and institutions responsible for the organization and implementation of the right to health insurance. The compulsory health insurance scheme intends coverage of the population with health care services and specifies the main principles on which the health insurance scheme is set up, that is contributions and the principle of solidarity.In this paper, we analyze the recent developments and current situation related to legal and institutional bases for health care insurance system development in the Republic of Albanian, as well as to reach recommendations for its improvement in the near future.

DOI: 10.5901/jesr.2015.v5n1p49


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