Relations between the Parenting Styles and Identity Status of Teenagers in Albanian Context


  • Brunilda Laboviti


This paperwork aims to realize the assessment of special components of parenting inclusion that mediate the relations between parenting models and status of identity of teenagers. The goal of this paperwork is to reveal how the parenting styles influence on identity status of teenagers within the Albanian context and how the relations change between such variables in our context as well. The objectives of this scientific work are: Which parenting styles do the parents follow? Which identity status have teenagers created so far? Are there and if yes which are the gender and age differences in the identity status of participating teenagers? Participants (N=129) where 65 are parents and 64 teenagers of age 14-18, filled two questionnaires in order to find, respectively, which parenting style they follow and which identity style they have at the moment of survey, in order to assess later the relation between these variables. The instruments used are the Questionnaire of Parenting Authority1 and the Questionnaire of Ego-Identity process2. The results showed a moderated relation between the liberal parenting style and the confused status of identity, but did not show a relation between the authoritarian parenting style and imposed status of identity and did not show any relation between the authoritarian style and the matured status or moratorium at all like it was expected. The results also show that, according to the expectancies, the majority of girls resulted to have an imposed status of identity but different from we expected to be the majority of boys resulted to have such status. The findings were discussed even through interpretation seeing the authoritarian parenting style as protective for confused identity status, moratorium and relieving in the process of identity formation.

DOI: 10.5901/jesr.2015.v5n1p65


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