Perceived Parenting Styles and their Impact on Depressive Symptoms in Adolescent 15-18 Years Old


  • Brunilda Laboviti


Previous studies have been focused in their examination of the relationship between perceived parenting styles and depressive symptoms adolescent 15-18 years. The literature suggests that depressive symptoms may be caused by adolescent the negative social experience and persons who are involved in these experiences. Some features in the formation of adolescent personality may represent vulnerability for depression, especially in terms of dysfunctional parenting. The aim of the research is the measurement, description, study of perceived parenting styles of adolescents themselves and linkages with the symptoms of depression in teens as well as analysis of the relationship between them. Measuring instruments that were used in this research were, Parental Authority Questionnaire (PAQ) which was supplemented by an instrument with 30 teenagers and statements that can be used simultaneously for both the mother and father. Another instrument Depression Scale for Children (CES - DC). The rate of depression CES - D was used for the first time by Lenore Radloff while she was requesting scientific and worked at the National Institute of Mental Health.These questionnaire were completed by 100 adolescents 15 -18 years . This is a correlation study, which attempts to reveal the relationship between two variables that appear in the research questions. In this study is found that there is a meaningful relation between parenting style and depressive symptoms and parenting style specifically to authoritative. Much more perceived as authoritative parent, as mother and father, even less, will report depressive symptoms adolescents in this study.

DOI: 10.5901/jesr.2015.v5n1p171


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