Archiving, Preservation and Repository Policy


In order to digitally preserve all published scholarly content, Richtmann Publishing commits to submit the metadata of all its journals to LOCKS and other repositories such as Portico. This is to make sure that the published scholarly content by Richtmann Publishing remains available to the community despite any accidental loss of data in its personal archival records. 


Richtmann Publishing follows an open access repository policy in alignment with Sherpa/Romeo guidelines. Authors who have published with Richtmann Publishing retain the right to deposit their papers in repositories, subject to the following conditions:

1. Preprint Repositories: Authors can deposit preprints of their manuscripts in any preprint repository without any embargo period.

2. Institutional Repositories: Authors can deposit the accepted version of their manuscript (post-print) in their institution's repository without any embargo period. 

3. Central Repositories: Authors can deposit the accepted version of their manuscript (post-print) in central repositories such as PubMed Central without any embargo period.

4. Author's Personal Website or Blog: Authors can share the final published version or the accepted version of their manuscript on their personal websites or blogs immediately upon publication.

We encourage authors to provide proper attribution to the published work and to include a link to the original publication on the Richtmann Publishing website. This policy aims to enhance the visibility and accessibility of research outputs while respecting any potential publishing agreements.