About the Journal

At the Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, we believe in the transformative power of social sciences to illuminate the present and shape the future. Our mission is rooted in the recognition that social science is not just a lens for understanding the world today, but a driving force for positive change.

Our Vision:

We are dedicated to fostering lively debate, critical analysis, and insightful critiques among the intellectual scholars in the field of social sciences. Our unique focus lies in unraveling how social sciences are intricately woven into the fabric of the new millennium and how they hold the key to addressing contemporary global challenges.

A Multifaceted Approach:

Understanding the complex dynamics of today's society necessitates a meticulous examination of the social context. We firmly believe that this endeavor requires active participation from all stakeholders, including universities, research institutions, governments, media, civil society, and more.

Focus on Relationships:

Central to our mission is an unwavering commitment to examining the intricate relationships between the social sciences and the ever-evolving dynamics that shape our society. We place a spotlight on a diverse range of social science disciplines, including economics, sociology, psychology, anthropology, communication studies, law, cultural studies, political studies, and development studies.

Diverse Research Methodologies:

We embrace a wide array of research methodologies, from experimental approaches and case studies to interviews, questionnaires, ethnographies, and archival research. Our journal welcomes various types of articles, including empirical research reports, theoretically oriented analyses, literature reviews, and more.

Accessible to All:

We believe in the power of clear and accessible writing to engage an international audience. Our journal is a platform for scholars to convey their insights and findings in a manner that resonates with a global readership.

No Theoretical Bias:

"The Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences" holds no bias towards specific theories. We celebrate the diversity of thought within the social sciences and encourage researchers to explore and test a wide range of theoretical frameworks.

Submit Your Work:

We invite researchers and scholars from around the world to submit their original papers to mjss@richtmann.org. Join us in advancing the discourse within the social sciences and contributing to a better-informed, more enlightened future for our global society.