Assessment of Solid Waste Disposal Practices and Management Strategies in Eke Okigwe Market, Imo State, Nigeria


  • Francis E. Onuegbu Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Abia State University, Uturu, Nigeria



Solid waste management, Stakeholder participation, Market systems, Infrastructure development, Governance, Sustainability, Mixed methods, Market systems, Environmental impacts, Public health, Eke Okigwe, Collaborative solutions


Effective solid waste management is necessary to safeguard environmental and public health in communities. However, inadequate disposal practices and facilities pose sustainability challenges in many locales. This study assesses waste management strategies and practices in Eke Okigwe Market, Nigeria. A mixed-methods approach was employed using survey of 220 participants found the most common primary disposal methods were burning (41.5%) and waste collection services (36.9%). Major challenges included inadequate infrastructure (42.2%), lack of storage facilities (22.5%), and insufficient collection (9.2%). Awareness of regulations was high (74.4%) but compliance varied from full (23.2%) to partial (46.4%). Vendors/owners (53.6%) and administrators (27.7%) were the main stakeholders, displaying moderate (50%) to limited (17.7%) collaboration. Air pollution (40.9%), health hazards (36.4%), and soil contamination (13.6%) were top environmental concerns. Semi-structured interviews revealed a mandatory biweekly collection program organized through unsanitary open dumps. An informal fee-based system operated via waste pickers. Governance required upgrade, as sub-administrators reported to an executive committee. Key findings were triangulated. Collection frequency significantly predicted disposal methods (R2=47.5%), with less improper disposal associated with higher frequency. Awareness positively correlated with compliance (r=.750). Disposal methods also correlated negatively with challenges faced (r=-.673) and collection frequency (r=-.689). This mixed methods case study characterized multifaceted waste management challenges. Upgrades to infrastructure, stakeholder integration, and education programs are needed for optimized, sustainable practices aligned with regulations through coordinated multi-level reforms.


Received: 16 November 2023 / Accepted: 28 December 2023 / Published: 5 January 2024


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