Features of the Political Class, Transition, Elite Status and Parliament


  • Luljeta Hasani


As a result of this political mentality of the Albanian political class in the first decade of the council, unfortunately, and today, this feature of the Albanian political and political class continues to be used by the government as a revolt against the political opponent. This mentality of the political class has undermined the morality of politics, as the level of political reasoning is revenge and hatred for the other who has fallen out of power through the vote, considering the removal of power as an injustice that has been done, this situation has Coupled with the Albanian political class all the time, slowing democratic processes in the country. The functioning of the parliament is a direct expression of the political class level, and it is a guarantee that the political system will function. Through it, society sees how to examine ways of gaining power and its functioning and control, but the political class that has emerged on the political scene following the collapse of the communist system has failed to give this institution a normal function within the standards Of a Western parliament


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