Social Inclusion and Social Leverage Foundations: A Theoretical Review


  • Giovanni E. Reyes
  • Mark Govers
  • Dirk Ruwaard


The main aim of this research is to present a theoretical review regarding the theory of social inclusion and social leverage. In this research, four fundamental and complementary approaches are taken into account: (i) the theory of growing capacities and increasing opportunities as essential aspects of Amartya Sen's theory of human development; (ii) the perspective and factors of the current process of globalization; (iii) Douglass North's neoinstitutionalist approach to social and political conditions; and (iv) foundations of the legitimacy theory from Jürgen Habermas. These considerations made possible a more comprehensive consideration that goes beyond the strictly economic elements, to complement the standpoint with other elements, including those of public policy analysis.


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Social Inclusion and Social Leverage Foundations: A Theoretical Review. (2018). Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, 9(6), 19.