Globalization is Good or Bad? Considering View of Next Generation Leaders


  • Iftekhar Amin Chowdhury Universiti Malaysia Sabah
  • Norazah Mohd Suki Universiti Malaysia Sabah


Globalization has the effect on world business in this 21st century undoubtedly. Effects come through both positive and
negative (dark) sides. This study aims to examine how future business leaders view globalization. 494 samples involved and
were selected via nonrandom convenient sampling process. Results infer that business majors have a different attitude toward
globalization compared with non-business majors. Next, students’ attitude toward globalization is also likely to be influenced by
their family background, especially their parents’ occupations. Ultimately, business environments are going global, internal
environments, including the mind-set of future managers, may change toward more globalization, resulting in potentially more
globally oriented strategies. Managers need to be on guard against antiglobalization sentiments tendency experienced by large
segments of the population for more “creeping globalization.”


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