The Challenges of the Present and Future for a Sustainable Tourism in Albania


  • Sanie Doda “Aleksander Moisiu “ University, Durres, Albania


Tourism is one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the world. It is an increasingly important source of income,
employment and wealth in Albania. International tourism now accounts for a larger share of foreign exchange receipts and export
earnings than any other industry. But, while tourism provides considerable economic benefits for the country, regions and
communities, its rapid expansion has also had detrimental environmental and socio-cultural impacts. Sustainable Tourism is a
contemporary concept that is used to reflect the need of a comprehensive analysis and to consider Tourism as a need,
experience and business. Anyway this shouldn’t be our single consideration. Tourism is part of overall efforts toward
achievement of a sustainable Albanian Economy. The paper argues that the promotion of sustainable tourism development is
essential for maximizing its socio-economic benefits and minimizing its environmental impact. It continues than with the
discussion on implementation of two instruments of sustainability such as “National Environmental Label’ and Quality Mark
in Albania


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