NATO–EU Enlargement Policy


  • Inida Methoxha University of Tirana, Albania.


NATO and EU are both significant part of the European Security Architecture. Within Europe, both NATO and the EU have
sought to promote democratic standards in the defense and security sphere and have placed this among the criteria for accession
candidates. Between these two Organizations has similarities but there are differences, which will be addressed more extensively in this
paper. The first part of this paper aims to present the criterias of enlargemet in both organization, the differences and contrasts in the
process of NATO-EU enlargement, which have an overlap in terms of their membership; disparities and similarities that exist in the
enlargement process according to the criteria for accession in both organization; challenges and prospects of further enlargements of EU
and NATO. The other part of this paper will be focus on the consequences of NATO-EU enlargements on regional dimension.


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