Arberesh Contribution in the National Movement for the Unity of Italy


  • Denisa Tare University “Aleksandër Moisiu” Durrës, Albania


The favorable geographical position between Italy and Albania has led to the maintaining of friendly relations between these
two neighboring countries, in spite of their inheriting different traditions and cultures. At the time of Garibaldi, Italy's remarkable figure
considered as its national hero, the links between the two peoples separated by the same sea grew further. This strengthening of
bilateral ties came as a result of the deepening of Albanian emplaecements on several Italian regions. In Italy, the Arbereshes gave an
important contribution to the unity of their second homeland in 1860-1871. In this study will be demonstrated their contribution in the
effort for the unification of Italy and will be treated the mutual respect between the two neighboring countries, a respect expressed not
only through mere words, but through the concrete assistance Garibaldi wanted to provide through a Balkan expedition in favor of
freedom and independence of peoples, among which was to be included also Albania. Bilateral ties were further strengthened as a result
of Garibaldi’s approach. In letters sent to De Rada, Dora d’Idistria linked the triumph of Garibaldi’s movement to the Albanian liberation
movement. Also Garibaldi himself, in his proclamations, declared to owe much to the "brave generous Albanians". Relying on this
proclamation, he clearly expresed his respect and appreciation for the Albanians. Garobaldi’s opinion on the bravery of Albanians is
reinforced in the letters written by him to D’Istria. She would state: "Garibaldi is the best judge on the issue of heroism". He had seen the
Albanians in the Italian colonies on the battle fileds and wrote: "The issue of Albanians is mine; I would certainly be happy to use
whatever is left of my life in favor of that brave people. The support of many courageous patriots helped Garibaldi, as he passed to the
south of Italy, welcomed by the Arberesh fighters in the area with an unprecedented enthusiasm...


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