Political and Constitutional Thought Sami Frashëri


  • Elmaz Sherifi Lecturer at the Faculty of Law, Wisdom University


Sami Frashëri is one of the most erudite Albanian minds of XIX century Albania. Born in Frasher, Permet on June 1st, 1850,
Sami, an Ottoman citizen, stated "I am an Albanian," and in some of the articles in the newspaper "Sabah" (Morning gazette), rejected
the thesis that Albanian Muslim were Turkish and Albanian Orthodoxy were to be treated as Greek. Through such terms he helped in
differentiating the terms Turkish and Muslim, and not to be recognized as synonyms. He was known as a reporter and editor, creator of
literature and of scientific works, but I believe that his deep political opinion is recognized in his non-political works. Beginnings of the
political thought are given in his political drama of 1874, Besa yahud Ahde Vefa (Honoring the Promise), where loads of high emotional
artistic tools, "hide" political goals. "Besa" (Promise) is treated, not as the rate of a customary to justice, but as the value of the
constitution and faithful soul for the new "homeland." The vocabulary entitled "al-laam Kamus", can be considered a political commentary
on Albania and Albanians. The other vocabulary of Turkish normative linguistics "Kamus-i Turki", explains the words, Arnavud
(Albanian), Arnavudça (Albanian) Arnavudluk (Albania). Sami defines the terms Arnavudluk as the nation or nationality, which is
Albanian and place (memleket) of Albania, which consists of four majorities. Political thought and constitutional dimension appears to
"What Albania was, what is and what will become?" In this writing lies the thought of the establishment of political institutions designed
according to principles of Montesquieu. The legislative body was called the General Council. The form of government was according to
Republican ideology, under the Head of State collegial, which he described as Strabonious, "Wise Men Council”, and an executive
power, with seven ministries. Judiciary was established in three divisions. The political, natural boundaries coincided with the four
vilayets. Albania was divided into 15 administrative units, which he called "plots", with 15 of their capitals and the capital of Albania,
which would have been SKENDERBEGAS. Political project of Sami Frashëri was associated with a Draft Budget, the structure of state
administration and their salaries, according to functions. Aim of Study: Enriching the political "Fund" of Albanian political elite, with
political thought and constitutional dimension of Sami Frasheri. Survey Methodology: Finding the political thought of Sami Frasheri
through his artistic, scientific and academic writings. Analysis of political project "Albania, what was, what is and what will become?” in
order to reveal the dimension of constitutional thought. Comparing between local and foreign authors and the narrative description of
deductions, to prove the hypothesis.


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