Albania and the Admission of the People's Republic of China to the OUN. Albanian Proposal to the UN in 1963


  • Etleva Nita


In the framework of International Relations of the Cold War, after the break with the Soviet Union in 1961, the direction of the
Albanian foreign policy entered in a new stage, making a very pragmatic choice toward remote Communist China. The generous help of
the PRC, by loans or grants, was a very suitable solution to survive for Peoples Republic of Albania. This help was paid back with the
involvement and commitment of the Albanian diplomacy as a representative for the PRC in OUN. The Albanian diplomacy during 1960-
1970, a period of a very good cooperation with China, was fully concentrated to a single goal–The admission of Peoples Republic of
China in OUN. The debate on re-establishment of the legal rights of PRC on OUN, according to Albanian diplomacy, was itself a harsh
accuse for the US policy against China. This diplomatic activity of the Albanian mission, leaded by official Tirana, coordinated with
Beijing, started its activity with the proposal of 1963 to set in the daily agenda the issue of PRC admission in OUN, presented in the XVIII
session of the General Assembly of OUN. But how would this proposal be expected and in what extend would it be influent in the
Albanian diplomatic mission up to 1971!


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