Decentralization – Integration’s Challenge through Responsive Services


  • Gjon Dedaj Tirana University


This research is about the decentralization of social service in Albanian post communism, diversifying responsibilities, and
resources through democratic institutions for integrity and Social Piece. Surveillances, Consultations, Interviews investigates relationship
between decentralization-centralization, public pressure for identity and indicatives of social exigency, diversity and high standards, facts
and expectations in the representation map – “governance hither civil”, welfare up growth, and protection of interested persons for fiscal
transfers of institutional budget. Politicize in social service conditions not coordinated and not consolidated evince the complexity of
“decentralization- centralized oversight” irregularity and management of earning subsidy, effective public section, budget limitation for
assured development. This studding brings the relationship of Decentralization with fineness governance, public orientation probable non
stability, short terms determines, long terms objectives, institutional partnered, planning agency without hierarchy, alternative ways that
would be faced and tested according scientific criteria. The research includes the premise that decentralization favorites the marked of
public benefits, competition, denationalize, improvement of social politics against deepening polarization, hooking the elites, virtual
duality of “rich – poor”. Conclusions include the fact that we have communities without the service of social employee, philosophers,
sociologist, diplomats, and physiologists for admonition of civil that take decisions, ways of clamor, social strengthen, and initiative to
make departments, flexibility and adoption conform national distinctions and global reflections “in one system that protect us” developing
successful protective politics, e-learning contributes, licensee, euroatlantic standard dimensions.


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