Attempted Criminal Acts and their Punishment by the Court


  • Nikolin Hasani "Ismail Qemali" University of Vlorë, Albania


Even in our country there are made a number of offenses that remain tentative. The Penal Code implies that such works can
be classified likely every provided act, provided that “the person takes direct action to do it, but not complete the act due to certain
circumstances indipendently from his will”. The most frequent subject of judicial review and penal punishment are the attempts dealing
with the murder or injury of a person and rarely for theft of physical property of someone else. Considerably, the attempts are provided
as facts in the functional activity of civilians or in certain ranks of the hierarchy within the public administration. But in these areas the
crime is concealed. Except the cases that are caught by the High State Control, the audits usually consider them “administrative
infraction”, escaping from prosecution and judicial investigation by individuals who commit the attempts in this area. The focus of this
study is the analysis of some causes, the aspects of extension and the real punishment of “attempts”.


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