Development of Hospital Environmental Management Model through PAIC Process


  • Nipaporn Jongwutiwes Mahasarakham University, Thailand.
  • Nongnapas Thiengkamol Mahasarakham University, Thailand.
  • Tanarat Thiengkamol Assumption University, Thailand.


The most importance of hospital environmental management must be pay attention on worker behavior in their
everyday practicing at hospital. Therefore, the most rapid and cheapest mean is to challenge the worker to collaborate energy
effectively utilization, waste management, wastewater management and landscape architectural environment via the human
resource strengthening with the worker based on the concept positive thinking like as owner. Environmental education concept is
pertinent to sustainable principles that covers knowledge and understanding, awareness, attitudes, values, and belief,
responsibility, participation, and skill necessary to build a sustainable hospital management. The objective of this research was
to develop hospital environmental management in Roi-Et Province through PAIC Process. The integrative research will be done
with quantitative in terms of survey research and participatory action research with Participatory Appreciate-Influence-Control
technique (PAIC) ) and qualitative focus group discussion. Populations are all hospital workers. The sample was selected
according to purposive sampling technique. The PAIC was implemented with hospital workers integrating with SWOT Analysis
and brain storming in the process. During training, Three Dimensional Evaluation (TDE) covers self-evaluation, friendevaluation,
and facilitator evaluation. One -Way-ANOVA, and t-test were used for data analysis. The research results illustrated
that before and after PAIC process implemented, the mean scores of posttest of knowledge of environmental education
principles, energy conservation, waste water management, solid and infectious waste management, green landscape and
training achievement were higher than pretest with statistical significance (p< .01, p< .01, p< .01, p< .01, p< .01, and p< .01 ).
Three Dimensional Evaluations were employed for determination the perceptions of 32 hospital workers in three aspects
evaluation covering Self-evaluation, Friend-evaluation, and Facilitator-evaluation by using One-way ANOVA in order to
investigate the participation of hospital workers showed that there were no difference of mean scores about participation in
training process through brain storming with statistical significance (p>.05).


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