The Education Effects in Personal Finance Management


  • Sanie Doda Lecturer, “Aleksander Moisiu” University Durres, Albania


This research tries to identify the importance of the education in the well-managment of the personal finances. To improve your
inputs, it means to start a way toward a financiar fredoom. This doesn’t mean obligatorly to have a luxiory life, but to adapt
efficient supplies to achive a given confort, assuring a more successful future. The education is one of the more important
elements, which push the development of the country. This is one of the basic reasons, why one of the strategic goals it is the
liberalization of the teaching\education. The education is a potential variable, which has a large impact to take personal
financiar decisions and in the managerial capability of the money, where the whole society aims a high financial turn into the
investment into the high school\universities. It exists an unique connection between the education and the education’s results
and these results into personal finances and the economical welfare, in general.


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