Implementation of National Accounting Standards Focused in Albanian Reality


  • Shqipe Xhaferri Lecturer at Aleksander Moisiu University, Faculty of Business, Durres, Albania


This paper deals with the achievements and weaknesses of the implementation of the National and International Standards of
Accounting, for property in general, the problems encountered in the implementation of these standards as well as
comparisons between different societies.This work will be carried out through questionnaires and direct interviews with various
businesses, especially those businesses that deal with the implementation of IAS 16 and 5.The methodology used will be
qualitative and quantitative methods and empirical data - where you will get the right information about the problems and
difficulties faced by various companies and qualitative methods through a detailed analysis of the data obtained to reflect the
reasons for non-compliance with these standards. Benefits of International Accounting Standards may be financial, economic
and political.Preliminary evidence suggests that companies, lenders and investors would prefer, a convergence of domestic
accounting standards with the International Accounting Standards to create a framework of financial reporting quality. Although
there are many significant benefits for the implementation of International Accounting Standards and has grown pretty its
importance, there are still many challenges for the further development and implementation authoritative. To better understand
these challenges need to look at the factors that influence the development of accounting regulations. These factors may
include social and cultural values, political and legal systems, business activities and economic conditions; standard-setting
processes; capital markets and forms of ownership; and finally the cooperative efforts of nations. These factors need to be
understood if we can mitigate or even eliminate the challenges of International Accounting Standards. International Accounting
Standards are important today and will probably become even more important in the future, as they are further developed. This
work will be carried out in close cooperation with the theme leader Prof. Jorgji Bolanos to reach the criticism and solutions to
problems encountered in this research.: ?Which are the problems that implementation process will face in Albanian reality??


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