Decentralization as a Wide Social Subject – School System Policies and Autonomy in Post Communist Albania


  • Jani Sota Head Department of Sociology, Faculty of Education "Aleksander Moisiu" University, Durres-Albania


In post-communist Albania, decentralization and school autonomy has been and was a major policy objective of the Albanian state, which was a matter of debate among development specialists in the field of education, teachers and school administrators on which to reflect on the legal framework for reforming the education system. This research paper will try to illuminate fundamental issues: a) the meaning of the terms "centralization" and "decentralization" and their manifestations in education, contemporary perspective, b) Albanian state policy on decentralization and directions of its education after 1990 c) Albanian school autonomy during decentralization d) General aspects of decentralization and school autonomy in Academic and Vocational Education in Albania. The reform content of the education system in Albania after 1990, in this publication is stated that decentralization and school autonomy are two different problems, which do not necessarily mate. Decentralization without a great deal of autonomy and without the active support of the center may lead to the backward conservatory feelings and renouncing changes. School and local autonomy are incomplete if actors and clients do not play a greater role in decision making. Delegation of responsibilities at different levels (regional, local, school) is a complex process, in which case the school will have more responsibility in the field of teaching, administrative and financial responsibilities and be transferred to the regional level or local, then there will be a potential source of conflict.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2014.v5n1p21


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